Monday, December 1, 2008

whispers and giggles

One night last week, after the boys were tucked in to bed, I crawled into bed with Carissa to have a few minutes of girl time. She wanted to talk about our Grandma's and Papa's, so we first went through her list.. she'd say something she liked about him/her... then she asked me about my grandparents... I spoke about my mom's mom and dad and then went on to tell her that my Dad's parents have both died. She had a momentary pause and she said, "Well, what DID you like about them..." I went on to share and then she said, "Will their bodies look the same in heaven as they did here?" Quite a mind on her for a 4 year old, don't you think?? :) So we talked about roads and parties and what kind of fun activities we might do in heaven.... and we went on to list our favorite songs.... which then lead to SINGING our favorite songs... After about 20 minutes I finally left the room! She was very pleased and as I said goodnight she said, "This was the best and I wanna do it every night!" to which I said, "This was fun... but I don't know about EVERY night!!!"

So, tonight she asked me again to come "talk about things" as I was tucking her in. I told her I'd be back after helping tuck in the boys. That mission accomplished, I came and crawled onto her twin size bed (which is VERY comfortable mind you!) and snuggled in.

"Lets talk about our best friends. Who is your BEEEESSSTTT friend mommy?"

"Auntie Jani is one of my BEEEESSTTT friends", I said.

"Laura's mine... OH and EmmaDean ...." (which yes, she isn't just EMMA.. she's EMMA DEAN! everytime! Even when we lived with Dean's for 2 weeks... it was "emmadeaannnn....)

She then went on to ask me who else was my best friend... I went on to say Daddy... to which she giggled, put her hands to her face, and said, "Mommy, he's your husband!" (said in almost a whisper!) I said, "Well, yes he is, but he can still be my bestfriend!" The thought seemed almost too hard to contain w/o laughter as she threw her head back and laugh! LOL Makes me wonder if we don't let her see the "friendship" side enuf, of if it's is pure hilarity for her to think a BOY and a GIRL could be bestfriends!?! hmmm..

We were winding down the night as I was praying for her... That her heart would continue to grow in Jesus and that she'd long to follow and obey Him and that she'd make choices that pleased His heart....along with the generic, please give good dreams and no scary/naughty dreams.... Sweet times with my only daughter... I so want to cherish these memories. When we sit alone and "talk about things" as she calls it, she comes up with these amazing thoughts and I wonder how i lose sight of her creativy the other millions of moments we share...


Jani Coons said...

Thank you for sharing! I think I miss so many opportunities to really connect with my Rylee, like you have these couple of times with Carissa. She will remember these special goodnights FOREVER. God is using you, Charity, to touch lives and to be HIS voice. In 3 postings you have sent me to tears and I have been convicted of things I need to do better, as well as encouraged in my walk. I love you!

Debbie said...

Awww what a wonderful and inspiration and something to look forward to doing w/ my little one. You are a blessing mama

Connie said...

This post really touched my heart and made me smile. I have crawled into bed with one or the other of my 3 girls on occasion. But just reading this made me realize that I need to do it more.

Thank you sweet squooshie friend for sharing your thoughts.

I love you.