Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm here

I knew I hadn't been posting, but REALLY... nothing since 2011?!  Goodness, that was 3 years ago.

Three years ago my amazing oldest son was in 3rd grade, my one and only daughter was in 1st grade, my most favorite 3rd born son was a kindergartner, and my baby boy was 3!! Life sure looked different then!

Three years ago my kids went to public school everyday. The rode in the Isuzu Trooper with their Dad everyday because he worked at their elementary school.  I just had the "baby" at home but kept busy with household stuff, ministry, baby sitting, and day to day life.

Jump ahead three years and you'd find me today - having been on a journey I never expected!  Now instead of sending kids off to school, they stay home and I do my bestest (wink) to educate them!  My amazing oldest son is in 6th grade and comes up to my eye balls in height!  My one and only daughter is in 4th grade and she thrills me with her creativity and love for life.  My favorite third  born is in 3rd grade and to say he's the funnest act at the party would be an understatement. And that brings us to the baby, who's in 1st grade (But 2nd grade math. He's quick to tell you that). He still loves morning snuggles in bed and to be picked up and toted as often as possible.   My days are full of the normal for everyone else - throw schooling 4 kids in on that and there doesn't seem to be a lot of room for much else.  Ministry and outside relationships get some time and the marriage takes some time... and well... pretty soon times up!

That would explain the lack of blogging.  I rarely thought to post. And when I did, it wasn't when I had time or, lets face it... energy! :)

I'd like to think I'll be back here sooner than the 3 years I was away.  I don't even want a glimpse of 3 years in the future might look like right about now.... :)