Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just another tidbit

Okay, so I wrote last night... and then headed to bed shortly after. I always end up still mulling my thoughts, even after I've written... and often more things come to mind... (remember how I had to come back and visit seasons again? and i'm still not promising you won't see THAT word again! ha!).

So, I continued to think about expectations vs. anticipation. And here's another thought to chew on.

How often do our expectations come with hidden agenda's? Mine do. When I build up a person or situation with (especially UNSPOKEN) expectations it's often about "how the situation is going to benefit me" or "what" that person is going to do for/with me. Often it's me expecting or wanting someone to say or do something that gives me a boost... something that gives me a sense of pride. It's the same way with my relationship with God... don't we often come to the Lord in a panic or in frustration because we've done "what he asked" and now our expectations aren't being met. Isn't He slacking on his end of the bargain? This surely wasn't what WE thought we were in for! Isn't it like our flesh to think of ME ME ME ME...

So.. here's again, where in MY mind... eagerly anticipating is different. Here's my simple definition. Eagerly anticipating is waiting for the unexpected and trusting that the end result is God's perfect plan. Not to say every situation smells like roses! We know better than to think that - but to know that through every valley, God can take us to the mountain top on the other side. There's no hidden agenda. It's simply flying by the seat of our pants, every day, waiting to see what will happen. Again... it points back to surrendering .... maybe that will be a topic for another post.... For now.. motherhood calls..I just had to get this down this morning so my mind could move on (wink!).

EAgerly Anticipating!!!!!