Friday, December 12, 2008

from grouchy to glorifying

Isn't there a saying (or is it fact?) out there about the brain being the most powerful muscle in the body? I was thinking about this when I was in my state of grouchiness this morning. I was irritated about being tired (hello, who chose to go to bed late?!), and frustrated that the kids weren't moving faster with the morning routine (not that *I* was!). This morning, my husband was watching me, in one of my lil mood and he was just trying to hold back the smile. I'm sure i looked much like one of my kids. You know, when we see them making an idiot out of themselves and we're trying to hold back the laughter at theire ridiculous antics. And if they'd just STOP, take a deep breath, and start over; it's surely be more effective. He was good to not point out obviously what a complete fool I was making of myself. As he left for work, I was still pouting inwardly and he looked at me and said, "no pity parties today!".... Hmph.

While even THAT phrase, at first got to me, I realized he was right. Why not just choose to start over!? Let all the little stupid annoyances go. It wasn't like they were affecting anyone else. It wasn't as if anyone else was bothered. And life would keep going. :)

I needed to run some errands this morning and they went well; well, as well as they CAN with the hoodlums in tow. I think some dialogue about shopping with children with you will have to wait for another post. I'm not sure my brain has the stamina to relive it as I recount various store stories with my children. Exhausting. Who needs a gym membership? Just take preschoolers to Fred Meyer or Costco. By the end of the trip, you are certain you'll never step foot back into those sliding doors w/o a warning automatically going off and an announcement coming over the loud speaker that says, "Warning, warning... wild, uncontrolled children that like to touch, run, and tackle each other are entering the store. Continue browsing at your own risk."

Anyway.. another day :)

Back to my point... As I was driving home.... I started to think of my blessings and my heart really started to feel a sense of extreme gratitude for God's gifts. The grouchies from this morning a complete thing of the past. When I chose to put my mind on the things of Christ, the things of the world had to take a step back. Praise God for that.

I want to live in a season of gratitude. Where i'm continually reminded by his goodness. Not because he gives me things.... but simply revel in HIS greatness. Gratitude for the cross and His blood. Gratitude for the communion that I get to have with the Father - gratitude for the promise of life eternal and gratitude for his faithfulness to my sinful self. Undeserved mercy and grace. Amazing.

I'm gonna work on the lettin' the little stuff go.... and concentrate on the moments that DO.... to simply Pour my energy into glorifying not grouchifying! :)