Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cherry Blossoms

While I've always admired the beauty of cherry blossoms, they hold new meaning to me now. I've been a reader of the blog "Bring the Rain" for over a year now. When I joined Angie on her blog I immediately loved her and felt connected to her! She's got that ability to reach beyond the computer monitor and grab your hearts and just pull you close to hers! Really! If you haven't spent any length of time on her blog you are really missing out!

Anyway... today, April 7th, would have been Audrey's 1st birthday. For weeks I've been looking for flowering cherry trees all over the valley. It just "so happens" that I got to the grocery this morning without my money OR the list!! GROAN! So, I had to turn around and go home. I went a different route home, HOPING and praying God would show me the perfect tree! And, HE DID!!!! I drove by a tree/plant nursery and there was ONE lil tree just waiting for it's photo op! :) I went home, grabbed my money, list, AND the camera and drove back to the nursery. I unloaded the 3 kids and snapped a few pictures!

Happy Birthday Audrey! I know you're sittin' on His lap today soakin' in HIS Love and having a really amazing day! And just so ya know, everytime I see a flowering cherry tree I think of you and your mommy!!!


roscoepc1 said...

Oh! Charity! Those are beautiful! I think you should send them to Angie!!!!!

just me said...

ha ha .. laura.. i did. :)

roscoepc1 said...

Lol! That's waht I get for going back and forth between here and H@H!

Katy said...

I know what you mean about new meaning. Her post was beautiful as ever!

Thanks for taking time to remember Audrey today.