Thursday, February 26, 2009

That's MY King


Katy said...

Didn't even have to listen. I knew when I saw the title that you had posted a clip that took both my hubby and I by our hearts when we heard it played at church a couple years back.

Isn't it strong! And I have to say a better delivery couldn't have been done by anyone else!

Just wants to make me stand up and shout AMEN!


God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

I love that video...I've seen it myself but with a different voice narrator and video images from my husbands best friends church. I guess there's different varieties to this but they all say the same thing, the same message; which is awesome!!!!

Hey, I think somehow I lost you from following my site because once you were there but after they did the 'friendster' thing it somehow took you and 7 others off....and the same happened with some of our other great friends. Anyway, it took forever for me to 'find' you again....I had to go back to post from way back. So I'm glad I found you. I guess I've been a follower of yours and somehow I wasn't removed from your site, but you were from mine.....odd. So it would be such a blessing to have you back again so I can stay in touch with your blog....thanks Charity...I've wondered where to went to...

~Sarah Cecilia