Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Breakfast making musings

This morning I thought I'd make biscuits since we just got a new "honey bear" and the kids love biscuits and honey. I was up and around with plenty of time. Moment's later, Carissa was by my side, step stool pulled over the counter asking what I was doing and could she help.

(Now, all of us mom's can probably agree, that it's far easier to cook and bake alone. It gets done faster and not to mention with LESS mess!)

But I said, "Sure."

I got the ingredients and the mixing bowl out. She was eager to help dump and stir. She only got a little bit of flour out of the bowl! :) When it came time to roll out the dough she was insistent upon taking the rolling pin on by herself.

I knew she couldn't do it herself. She didn't have the leverage, the muscle strength, or the experience needed to get the job done. I watched her struggle and push the rolling pin.... often going over the same chunk of rolled dough because it was the smoothest path in front of her. To get to the thicker dough would mean asking for help, it would mean she'd not be successful on her own. I let her try for a minute or two, and then asked if she'd like to do it together. My hands took the outside of the rolling pin handles and applied more pressure was we rolled the dough out. With our hands together, we shaped and smoothed, and created the shape we needed. We then used a cup and cut out our round biscuits, popped them in the oven and then enjoyed them with butter and honey. Yum.

In the minute or two that I watched her struggle on her own with the dough, God came me a glimpse through his eyes. Together he and I will start something, but then all too soon, I'll feel confidence in myself and I'll slip His hands off of mine, and tackle the job myself. It sometimes feels easy at first, but then things get tough. I muddle through, making a mess, repeating old habits or attitudes because they are the easiest or most natural to my human nature. Choosing to work on the harder areas in my life would mean asking for help and it would sure mean admitting that I had failed on my own. And in the middle of my "doing it myself" a sense of lonliness starts to creep in. And then I hear it, "I'm still here, sweetie. I'd love to help, let's finish this together!"

And eagerly, I ask His hands to join mine again... working together we're a team that can't be messed with. He turns my mess into beauty, he transforms my mistakes and failings into opportunities to show his grace, mercy, love, and power.

I'm glad I said "yes" to Carissa this morning and grateful for the glimpse of "me" through God's eyes.


Anonymous said...

I think this is amazing insight and I appreciate the privilege of enjoying it.

Connie said...

What a wonderful and amazing post! I love it!