Monday, November 29, 2010

Grace Spots

The past 3 weeks at church our pastor has talked about GRATITUDE. This last week was about spotting God's grace - even when your world is falling apart. It's harder to see the little things where God thinks especially of us and throws a little "here ya go, I know you'll like THIS!" at us. I know my eyes (heart) can see and linger on the areas where I feel lost, alone, failed, or like I'm drowning. I can fixate on my fears, insecurities, worries all too easy and stop relying on His goodness to get me through the minute, hour and day.

Sometimes we hit a season in life where we wonder where God's goodness has gone. At that point it's time to rely on what we know and not how we feel. We know of God's goodness - and we've seen it documented in the Bible .. and in lives around us. It isn't just for them. It's for us a well. It's for ME. Perhaps it looks different in my life. I'm convinced it does. It's what makes God's love personal for ME and individualized for MY heart.

It's time for me to list a few things I'm grateful for.

~ I love the way the snow and ice is frozen on the branches outside. I'm itching to get out there with my camera!
~The lights and ornaments on my Christmas tree.
~The new tires on my Expedition that got us safely UP and DOWN from the mts where we got our tree.
~How paint keeps my 3 year old happy and contented.
~How my said 3 year old is enamored with J's. His identity is wrapped up in his name (nickname, JJ).
~Coffee and white chocolate pwd to make my own marble mocha.
~warm fuzzy mittens
~my best friend, Jani