Saturday, July 25, 2009


So I had to chuckle yesterday as I was checking the boys room. They had been told to do some clean up and I was peeking in to see how they did. I glanced over by the boys clothes drawers and Micah's was hanging open. Inside his underwear and jammie drawer were what he would obviously consider his most prized possessions! I saw his lightsaber, new pop gun, a few stickers from his ER visit, and a few other trinkets amongst his clothes (NO WONDER the clothes never seem to fit in the drawer properly!).

In a family it's evident that some property is communal and some has a rightful owner. The older the kids get the more they desire that sense of ownership and they are becoming more territorial. Somehow, Micah knew that the best place to hide his treasures was in his underwear drawer! I mean, how funny is that?! Isn't that where we all have a little something hidden? What woman doesn't have some jewelry, cash, trinket, love letter, or something else of significance tucked away for safe keeping? And how many of us make that place our dresser drawers?!

While I initially chuckled, God also gave me a glimpse into how we so often hold the things dear to us, CLOSE. We get possessive and protective over what we consider OURS. Whether that is our money, our time, something tangible, our talents, our families, sports, habits, secrets, insecurities, pain, or even what we give in ministry. We're born with this inate sense that says "if you don't protect yourself or your things they will be destroyed". It can also, too often, hold us back from doing for God what he planned for you and I. If we hide the things God has blessesd us with, how can it benefit His kingdom? How can it encourage someone else?

Micah doesn't have any fun with his lightsaber while it's sitting next to his dinasour underwear. He has the most fun when his brothers grab their lightsabers and they can dual, chase, run, and play together. When we (you and I) choose to allow our gifts/time/money/abilities/talents to be used for God we acknowledge that we have to put it out there. There's an element of trust there that says, "Okay, Lord... here I go and I'm trusting you to use this". And the Lord never fails to amaze me! When we get to come together and move toward a common goal together, each of us giving different things to achieve that goal, God works all the details out!

How's your drawer? Are you holding on to all the things you consider dear? Tucking them away for "another day" or not allowing someone to see your strengths or weaknesses? Are you holding back something that God could use for His glory? ASK him.