Tuesday, May 19, 2009

God... I'm weary

Ever had those moments? Ok, who am I kidding? Ever had those days/weeks/months?! You'll find yourself not only closing the door to the bathroom off your master bedroom, but also the door to your room as well! As if, 2 closed doors between you and the world that is your life, will make it somehow more manageable for you to breathe......deeply....slowly....purposefully... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.....

It's kinda been where I've been hiding the last month. Between all the roles that we as women (humans) pile on ourselves I have had moments of complete flailing. Trust me, it hasn't been pretty nor attractive.

In an effort to sort through things God has been taking me on a journey. We're far from kicking off our sandles and calling it a wrap - which trust me, is a comfort because I'm not ready to stay "here" forever!

So, bear with me, if you would... while God and I talk and work through some things. It might look messy. It might not look like your life at all - or you might just wonder how I knew so much about you.

Truth is.. we're all on a journey. I'd welcome it if you'd walk with me.


Connie said...

Not only am I wondering how you knew I was shutting (and locking) both the bedroom door and the bathroom door to excape... and breath, but how did you know the messy journey that I'm on right now as well. I'm walk'in with ya sister! Love you!

just me said...

Happy to have you with, Connie! Now all we gotta do is both go lock ourselves in our bathrooms and then call each other.. LOL... LOVE YOU

Courtney @ splashing grace said...

you are not alone... I'm right there with you... love you & looking forward to hearing what God is doing

Bubba01 said...

Those times are tough. I will definitely keep you in my prayers, Charity. We all go through our trials or "bland" times spiritually/emotionally/etc. But we have hope in Jesus! And I have found that it is those trials that have shaped me spiritually more than any other times=). Keep your head up girl!